Niamh seeks diet recruits!

Niamh Greene has appealed for more people to join the diet program that Philip Kavanagh of Westpark Fitness in Tallaght devised for Black Panther members.

Niamh told “It’s going very well from my own perspective. I’ve been following the diet but very few people have signed up to do it.

“I’m not trying to force people into doing it, but I have been following the diet sheets Philip drew up for us and I have to say it works.

“More importantly, the diet is very easy to follow – it is not regimental in any way; it is not so strict that it would turn you off wanting to do it, not at all.

“Unfortunately, when you mention diets, people often run a mile in the opposite direction! They think it’s going to be an unpleasant ordeal – it’s not, far from it, in fact.

“I’m on the diet and I’m still enjoying my food.”

Apart from Niamh, there is one other devotee,  to Philip’s diet, and she’s noticing the benefits, too.

Niamh added: “There was a lot of interest initially, but people shouldn’t see it as a burden – it’s anything but.

“The other girl doing it [Claire] is also finding it very good – it’s working for her and it’s working for me.”

And it’s not just intended for women, men can undertake to do the diet, too!

So don’t shy away, step forward guys and make yourselves known!

4 thoughts on “Niamh seeks diet recruits!

  1. hey,

    so glad to see clubs taking an interest in their students weight – in the sense that they help them make weights.

    im hoping to come and have a look at the club this week 😀

  2. Im also following Philip’s diet plan as part of Niamh’s diet program and when i tell you i have tryed all the diet’s there is out there im not lying.But this is really working 4 me, you still get to eat all the nice things 🙂 im full of energy and can give much more to my training, I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone who finds it hard to diet.

    Thank Philip and Niamh 🙂

  3. Hi Shirley, thanks for your interest; if you go to the ‘search the archive’ button on the bottom left of the ‘news’ page and insert ‘diet’ it will then display diet sheets 1 and 2 that Philip from Westpark Fitness sent us

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