Jimmy Upton interview

Jimmy Upton’s door is always open – whether you’re a national champion or not. Jimmy, the AKAI national full-contact coach, has an open mind when it comes to deciding who gets to wear Ireland’s green. Jimmy (pictured second on the left) told blackpanther.ie: “The number twos and threes in the various divisions are always knocking on […]

AKAI training camps

As you know, the first of three national full-contact squad training camps took place at Crumlin Boxing Club on Sunday (27 June), and there are two more scheduled. The seven-hour-long session was attended by Black Panther’s WAKO women’s full-contact -52kg World Cup gold medal winner Rebecca Dillon and fellow club members Richard Kiely, who also […]

Well done to Keith Burns

Well done to our own Keith Burns, who scored highest of the entire group of kickboxers at the AKAI full-contact training camp at Crumlin Boxing Club yesterday (Sunday, 27 June) in the power and fitness tests overseen by Irish high-performance coach Robbie Haugh. The seven-hour session from 9.30am-4.30pm was attended by all national champions and […]

Diet sheets (Part 2)

As promised, here’s the second and final part of Philip Kavanagh’s diet sheets which is part of Niamh Greene’s weight-loss program.  Now that you have been equipped with a detailed plan to follow, get started. Niamh will keep tabs on how everyone is doing.  Good luck everybody – and enjoy.  Also, feel free to add […]

Diet sheets (part 1)

Right, as promised, here we go with the first of Philip Kavanagh’s diet sheets as part of Niamh Greene’s weight-loss program. We are really grateful to Philip, who is part of the Westpark Fitness training team in Tallaght and a qualified physiotherapist, for providing his expertise absolutely free of charge. When we asked Philip if […]

Philip from Westpark!

Philip Kavanagh from Westpark Fitness in Tallaght has kindly agreed to come on board and provide the diet sheets the participants on Niamh Greene’s weight-loss program have been waiting for. Blackpanther.ie is really grateful to Philip, who is probably a familiar face to some of you as he pops down to the club in Tallaght […]

Richard’s on the mend

Richard Kiely returned to training this week and said: I’m delighted to be back and I’m well on the road to recovery. Richard took a complete rest from kickboxing the fortnight following the WAKO World Cup in Rimini, where he failed to progress beyond his first bout at the men’s -86kg full-contact category. A groin […]

Norman added to AKAI committee

Black Panther chief instructor Norman Kelly has been added to the full-contact committee of AKAI, the national governing body for kickboxing in this country. It is further proof of the great strides that the Black Panther club is making that Norman has been honoured in this way. Needless to say, he is delighted with this […]

Richard back in groove again

Richard Kiely returned to training at the Black Panther club in Brookfield on Monday (21 June), but Rebecca Dillon has been excused until tomorrow (Wednesday, 23 June). Richard, of course, is also battling a groin injury right now but chief instructor Norman Kelly was delighted to see him return to the fold after his involvement […]

Rebecca/Richard return

Rebecca Dillon returns to training at the Black Panther club tonight (Monday, 21 June), two weeks after her magnificent victory at the WAKO World Cup in Rimini. The 26-year-old Rebecca has been on a well deserved rest following her triumph in the full-contact -52kg division for women on Sunday, 6 June, but now the hard […]