‘Search the archives’ button

We have added a new ‘search the archives’ button, which is situated at the bottom left-hand-corner of the ‘news page’, as we continue to add to and improve the site.

The ‘news page’ displays a maximum of 10 headlines at any given time – once a new story is uploaded, the oldest story on the display panel automatically drops off the list.

But don’t panic! All of the older stories that you can no longer see are retrievable by using the new ‘search the archives’ button.

Say, for example, you want to locate stories relating to Richard Kiely. Well, just insert all or part of Richard’s full name and click on the ‘search the archives’ button (displayed as a magnifying glass) and it will show all the stories that contain any references to his name.

It couldn’t be easier.

We hope you are enjoying the website – keep using it; as we always say, it’s yours as well as ours!

Also, please feel free to make comments – there is a facility to do so at the end of each story displayed.

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