Record breaking day

Yesterday (Tuesday, 6 July) saw a record number of hits on – and a record number of visitors.

Prior to yesterday, Sunday, 6 June was the day that had attracted the most number of hits since the site was revamped in April.

And that was hardly surprising as it was the day Rebecca Dillon struck gold at the WAKO World Cup in Rimini, when interest was at fever pitch, and understandably so.

We thought that record would stand for some time to come, but it lasted just one month – until yesterday, when the number of hits registered almost trebled – yes, almost trebled – the number from 6 June.

The site was literally swamped with visitors yesterday after we updated the fighters’ gallery and, over the coming days, we will add some biographical details to go with the kickboxers’ individual pictures.

Pictured (left) is up-and-coming fighter Jessica Fitzmaurice, who is making great strides at the club.

We were quite taken aback by the response we received, but maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised as the feedback we have been receiving regarding the site has been second to none.

So, to everybody who visited the site yesterday, a huge thank you to one and all. This just wouldn’t be possible without you.

Remember, our stated aim is to be the best and most popular kickboxing site in the country, never mind Tallaght or Dublin.

We’re well on our way to achieving that goal we’re delighted to tell you; we’re taking giant strides, not baby steps, and it’s all thanks to you.

Keep visiting!

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