Denis Mahon signs up!

We’ve signed up Denis Mahon to write a weekly article for, beginning from the end of August/start of September.

Denis, one of the most popular members at Black Panther, is currently recovering from an injury sustained during his first-ever sparring session last Monday (5 July).

He suffered a fractured rib and associated lung-related damage at the Black Panther gym in Brookfield and, as a result, has been ordered by medics to rest up for up to six weeks.

That means Denis (pictured far left with Philip Kavanagh of Westpark Fitness in Tallaght) won’t be in a position to return to training until around the middle of August.

When he returns you’d better make sure you’re on your absolute best behaviour as our new newshound goes sniffing after titbits of information to talk about!

Don’t worry, he promises he won’t be too unkind to anyone, but can you trust him?!

As Denis continues his convalescence, he told “I’m honoured to be asked, and I look forward to my new career as a reporter!”

You’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “Denis Mahon signs up!

  1. Nice one Denis. You will make a super reporter 🙂 Everyone better watch out!

  2. thats good news about the new job bro!! ladies watch out this tiger has claws!!!

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